Kuya Gino

That's my Kuya Gino right there. He is my one and only beloved nephew and he is in 5th grade. Him and his Uncle went to a shooting range where his Uncle took this photo.
But that is not my story. My SIL send a message at FB that they got the money that I sent. And she told me that she also bought another shoes for Kuya G, and it's  his 3rd shoes since the school opened, lol!! And then she told me too that she bought him another pants because all his pants are tight on him one time he climb to the motorcycle and they all heard a crackkkkk, his pants  tore down lol!!! I was laughing and laughing when I read that message. I never expected that when he reached 12 years old he grew tall and big. He was very small and sickly he has asthma I was worried of him when I came here in the US. Just this year when school open last June, my brother told me he just shoot up grew tall and big and his asthma was gone. Thank God for that!!  
Anyway, had to send extra money so he could have another new pants and shirts to wear in school and shoes too, geez!!


Lisa said…
LOL!!! They do grow to fast! That is such a great stroy and funny too. :)

My smallest, sickliest, asthmatic baby is now 6 feet 5 inches and the doctors tell me he is not finished. Send your sister more money!!! She will need it! LOL!!! Joining your blog too! thanks so much for joining mine. It's so great to meet other Strong Catholic Woman.

xoxo, Lisa
Dadan- Suryana said…
Was he oke while the pant tore? hehehe... Nice story.
Ann said…

Ny new friend from Philipines. My old Philipina friends says may be we should cheer her up.

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