A Media Business

I was talking to my step-daughter today and she was thinking of putting a media business. Right now she is in school for video making and photography that’s why she come up with the idea. I told her that I love photography but I don’t have  any idea about blank cd-r, dvd-r, dvd+blu-ray and the other accessories that come to a video or media business. I even told her I don't  know how to rip or burn music or movie! And she just laughed because she was amused of my reaction. I told her I can do the photography but not all the video thing. I asked her why she come up to the idea and she told me that it’s the trend in this generation. Like me who knew the photography and blogging but don’t know about ripping and burning cd’s. And she continues to say that many people out there who are like me and I agree with her because I knew almost all of my friends who don't know nothing about cd's or dvd's. 
The she referred to me  a website about CD recordable faq and I look at it today and I amazed of how much information they gave on that website alone. I’ve learn a lot but I am encourage to learn a lot more. I am very happy of this business idea I told hubby about this and he is hesitant about it because he says we are all women and we may meet men who are not nice to us. I told him this is a home based business and 


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