Upromise Celebrates It's 10th Anniversary

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You and I have dreams for our kids, nieces and nephew. I do not have a biological children but I took my nieces and nephew as my own since they were born. As days and years go by, they knew what happened to their parents and why they do not see them often and because they do not see them often, they consider my brother and me as their parents. I love them to death that my dreams for them are as huge as the universe. I like to share my specific dream for them here.
                                                      To My Loves
     The time when you were conceive, I dream of you as the most pretty girl and handsome boy who I could ever have. We were anxious to see you and when that time comes, we were very happy to see you for the very first time. We welcome you with love and since then you belong in me right here in my heart. Remember one time you asked me why I called you my child? You know I am not your mother but I told you that God gave you to me and you came right from my heart. I hear you giggle and I was happy you understand me.
     Now you are in school and even then, I dream of your safety all the time. You are Uncle and I cannot imagine if something happen to you remember you are our loves. I dream that along the way you become a good citizen and a very good person no matter what are the circumstances in life may come. I dream that you finish your school and when you have your degree, you can find a job. To pursue the happiness in life is what Id ream of you a happiness that comes from within. I dream that someday they teaching of keeping the integrity and living the principle in life, you are going to share it with people too. I dream that you will reach the star and you are going to make it.
That is the dream that I have written for my nieces and nephew for them to read someday. I wrote this dream at www.upromisetodream.com.  Everybody is encouraged to write their dreams for their children. It is easy to join just read the dream wall official rules posted in their website. This is about Upromise celebrating its 10th Anniversary and they are giving away $20,000 to users who share a story that tells how a parent has supported a child’s dream. Everybody is welcome to join in the sweepstakes by submitting a story, they can vote on their favorite stories by “liking” them. In addition, Upromise is giving away $1,000 to 10 winners and a grand prizewinner for $10,000 chosen from the participants as well. Therefore, what are you waiting moms and Aunties come and join the fun who knows you will be the winner.
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