Barn Charm

                                                Spotted this Barns along I-69
                                          Two Barns but one is new the other one is old.

                                                              BARN CHARM 


shannon i olson said…
the new one is quite nice...but that old guy is still pretty special!
Rose said…
I love that bottom one!
oh my one of my favorite things to photograph a red barn just gorgeous.
Tanya said…
both are great but i always prefer the old!
My Kid's Mom said…
I hope someone can save that one before it collapses. Old barns are so gorgeous.
Both are great, but I love the old one best... love the weathered roof & boards! =)

Thanks for joining!
Genie said…
The new one is stunning with its red and white, but being a bit old myself, I have to say the older one has to be my favorite. I just do not want these to bite the dust and leave us forever. Really nice shots. genie
gigi said…
Both are just awesome! Red is my favorite and I just love old worn out barns.
Mari said…
Nice barns, but the older one has such charm!
Beth said…
The first one is so spiffy with its vivid red against the lush green---always great to see a prospering farm.
The other one makes me a little sad, yet it's still holding its head up and with good reason---its regal in its own special way.
Great shots and great contrast! :>)
Anonymous said…
Wow...what a difference between the two!

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