I went to the library the other day and found books that are bag full for $1 sale!
                              And like me who love to read I grab a bag and select books that I find very interesting
                                                                       here are the books!

                                                                    Had you read one of these books? I am starting to read Hula by Lisa Shea and I already find it very interesting. ^_^ Linking this post to SHOOT,EDIT,SUBMIT. and Fabulous Friday Challenge. Never Growing Old


Ann said…
$1 for a bag, that's great. Here it is $1 for one book.

I like to report an anonymous comment that I have been getting on my blogs which is offensive to half the American population. I am not American, and is still very angry with it. I have deleted the comment on my blogs, and I wonder if you have received any. I won't bother to mention the name because that would promote him further.
No, we haven't read any of these but do read a lot of books. Would love for you to visit "Grab A Book From Our Stack." Almost all our books are from the library. If I were to buy any though, this is the way to do it!

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