My Nephew

Last June 14 my nephew celebrated his 12th birthday. One more year and she is going to be a teen-ager!
He is my favorite little boy, since I took care of him when he was born until I came here in the USA.
He will always be my little boy!! ^_^

                                                    NOSTALGIC MARVELING


chubskulit said…
Soltero na hehehe. Belated happy bday sa nephew mo ate. Kakamiss mga kamagaanak ano.

PS.. Cleome is the name of the flower.
Mommy Jes said…
bilis lang lumaki ng kids ano? :D sarap panoorin nung mga bata p sila tpos i compare ung binatat dalaga na :)

Thanks for the visit.

your new follower here :D
Dias Spot said…
nana diay dayon ka ulitawo ani teKim....ehhehee...gutom nuon ko tan-aw sa ila pagkaon...:)

pila day kabuok imo pamangkin te?! thanks sa visit.

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