Niagara Falls

 Niagara Falls vacation 2008. I love going to Niagara Falls, Canada. So many things to see and enjoy. Hubby and I did ride these huge ferris wheel, we had our dinner at the top of this high building and the food is excellent! After dinner we had the chance to take photos from above overlooking the mighty Niagara Falls. It's amazing to see this huge falls and I love to go back there any time soon ^_^

We were strolling the place and we saw some critters trying to live by. Here is a little bunny that when I took a photo, he did not move. ^_^ The last photo is I guess a raccoon and it seems he is looking for food, why not he had to live,  right?

                                                Linking this to PHOTO HUNT and CAMERA CRITTERS


you got some wonderful photos!

the niagara falls shot is simply amazing!

happy weekend!
Karin said…
That ferris wheel is huge!
Anonymous said…
What an amazing place. Love the shot of the falls.
Anonymous said…
beautiful. one of the must see places.
Scriptor Senex said…
Probably on my top ten places to see if I ever win the lottery. Excuse me, must go and check my numbers...
Carletta said…
Even the animals love Niagara!
Cute bunny!
jams o donnell said…
Great photos! I love the photo of the Falls themselves.
Sandy said…
Hi Kim... wanted to thank you for your visit to my blog and your comments on my papaya... I've been out in the yard all day pulling weeds and I feel great.. So glad you were able to visit Niagara.. I've been there several times, on both sides and it's amazing. Great photos...
thanks again
Donna said…
Nice range of views from the Falls to the bunny! Well done.
I bet one could get a great view except for the fall, a little face.

Coffee is on.
Luna Miranda said…
ah, Niagara--it's in my bucket list.:p wonderful photos, Kim.
chubskulit said…
Sama mo ko next time ate hehehe.. Lovely shots.
Super photos of a beautiful place. Visited there in the eighties and loved it. Took the ride on the little boats to the falls, WOW!
Happy Fall

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