Things in a Row

                                                    Another day for Things in a Row

One of my favorite flower is bleeding heart and here is my pink one.

Rows of garbage cans and potter potty ^)^

Rows of Dutch shoes

And my favorite rows of different colors of tulips
                                                            THINGS IN A ROW


My Kid's Mom said…
Love those tulips! They're just so bright and cheerful.
jane said…
Me too - I love those tulips - I have never seen them growing enmasse - only in pictures - must be a magnificent sight - Jane UK
Pat said…
I, too, love the bleeding hearts. I used to have a nice plant in front of my house - when I had a house!

Love the tulips and shoes! Must be near Holland, Michigan, eh?
labbie1 said…
Love the shoes. The tulips are just beautiful!
DesertHen said…
Wonderful shots! Love the bleeding hearts in a row!
Anonymous said…
Oh these are fantastic! I love these!

Scriptor Senex said…
A great set of things in a row. (I've only just 'discovered' your other blogs - I've been a fan of your food blog for ages.)
Ann said…
I Unpacked, and from my daughters,knick knacks, I found a small pair of Dutch clogs, to match your photos.

The producer who produced my documentary is from Philipines. Very nice lady.
Mel Cole said…
gorgeous pictures, loved the rows of tulips.

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