Manor Lakes

When we are talking about properties and houses on a lake what comes in your mind? It is very expensive only people who had money could afford such property and house. That is what we always hear from people and that is so true. I find houses on the lake beautiful and that those land, if there is a vacant land would price double or triple to an ordinary land far from a lake. However, to find a house on the lake many people has preference too. Some do like to be not too close from a neighbor, some want to have an extra land that they could put a boathouse and other things. Well in Manor Lakes,  house and land packages are available what ever preference you may have. However, of course, many do not know where Manor Lakes is. Manor Lakes is 40 minutes west of Melbourne in the Wyndham City. As you can see in their website the  house and land packages Wyndham Vale  has the most stunning and gorgeous design that I have ever seen. The house in the picture is my dream house. I can only imagine myself living in this house and with the area where Manor Lakes    is located is a bonus.  Visit at their site and tell me what design and house do you like. It would be fun browsing there sites because definitely it will take time for you to figure out which one is your dream house. 


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