My nephew I call him Kuya Gino is getting big every time my brother sent me their photos online. This photo was taken by my brother at the cemetery last Nov 1. and was surprised  my Kuya G looks like a young man already. This brings me a smile and make my day more warmer and brighter. Last week he message me offline, telling me that their examination will be this week and that I have to send money...with matching pleaseeeeeeeee and have pity words hahahaha. It really made me smile, he was so concern of the school tuition fee. I told my brother about it and he just smiled, and my brother told me that he was very concern that his balance in school is 8,000 pesos while her sister is only 3,000 that makes him freak out I guess. I message my nephew telling him not to be frantic about it because that's our concern what he gonna do is to study hard and not get a failing grades hehehe. My brother told me that he doesn't have a problem with this little guy (not little anymore) because he is a good young boy that is why my brother is very protective of him being bullied, for he himself do not like bullies, so do I. Hope to see them next year when I visit them hope it will be soon ^_^ Happy Thursday!


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