New Things

Written by Sonny Quinn

I’ve always been a little afraid to try new things like scuba diving, surfing, and hang-gliding but recently I have started dating someone who is obsessed with trying new things and for the most part they are an adrenaline junky. Therefore, I’ve really had to start putting myself out there and try new things and I have found out that I love it and to quiet honest I’m fairly good at hang-gliding. This must be a new chapter in my life where I am starting to experience different sides of myself that I never knew existed. Honestly, I feel like a new part of me has been awoken and now I’m interested to see what else I have inside of me that I didn’t know about before. Recently, a friend of mine told me about and I know it will be one more new thing that I try, now I just feel like I need to start concerning myself with trying to fly a plane and not crash it. Hopefully, after a couple of lessons I find out that I’m fairly good at this too.


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