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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Norton Small Business by Symantec for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Two years ago, we had a very bad experience and our computer crashed.  As ordinary people who do not know anything about computers, we brought our computer to a computer person and he told us that a virus infected our computer. We do not know what kind of virus it got to our computer for there are hundreds of them lurking around. Thank goodness, this computer person was very honest and he told us he may fix it but he cannot say he could get rid the virus 100%. In addition, he suggested many things, one thing he told us is to get Norton Internet Security software, if we decide to buy a new computer and we did. Thankfully, until now we do not have problem about our computer having been attack by any viruses, or malware and those other viruses I cannot even spell or pronounce it well.
Last weekend, at our family brunch gathering, we asked each other what is going on with our daily activities because we knew that one of our cousins has a new business recently opened. We were happy knowing that he finally get into the small business he was dreaming for a long time.  He knew it entails high determination, patience and work ethics to open a business in this time and age. I asked him what kind of preparation he did to ensure that his business would flourish. He says, in order for his business to flourish he see to it that he has Norton Small Business by Symantec as for security on the internet. I told him we have Norton for our computer at home too. He continued to tell me that a small business owner like him could get 30% off Norton Small Business Products now  primarily the 5U/10U products. I jokingly told him when we bought our Norton I do not remember we get a discount and we all laughed. I could feel his positive outlook, determination and passion for his business. I asked him one more question why Norton? He looked at me and asked me back why I have Norton as my security software too. We just laughed for we know that Norton security software is the best of all and I have no doubt about it.
Last September 2011 Norton just launched a new product one is Norton 360 Version 5.0 it's proven, reliable online security software that does it all and Norton Internet Security 2012 a powerful fast online protection for small businesses. With this two products I can be sure that surfing in the internet is safe and our computer is secure. Therefore, to all my friends reading this post it is about time to get Norton for your security and safety.  In addition, if you already have Norton product leave a comment and tell me which Norton product you benefit the most and why. Love to read your comment!
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