Our First Snow!

Yesterday we had our first snow here in Michigan. It was like flurries but it covered well the whole ground.  I woke up late this morning and when I got up I looked outside thinking we might have a lot of snow, thankfully there were non just the snow from yesterday. Took my camera, dressed up went outside and took some photos. Here is my poor cosmos and at the background is zinnia.

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sazamom said…
Wow I live in Detroit, and we haven't received any snow yet.Its probably coming soon!
Ann said…
looks like icing on a flower on a cake.
Ms. Burrito said…
Oh oh snow season which means cold or flu season. Lovely shot!
Mona said…
wow...haven't experienced snow ;(
Love the shot. Visiting via Color connection.
Sheri said…
I don't like snow at all (which we also already have) but I do love this shot. Gorgeous!
SavvyMama said…
nice kau pagka capture nimo teKim....lami ni butang sa cone...ehehehe!

sensya na late ug visit!
Sarah said…
Very pretty! I love that flower!

I would love it if you'd participate in my weekend homemaking link-up party! It runs every Friday-Sunday and there's a button at the top of my sidebar you can grab to help you remember!

Have a great week!

MaiThreeBoyz said…
Awww, i don't think i would survive a winter season. I'm like that poor cosmos, i would shiver to death, hehehe. We only have rain here in the Philippines, but I always have major leg cramps when it's cold. What more during a snowy winter? But I love the shot, such is nature, eh? so beautiful.

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