Stand Up For Family

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Stand Up For Family is brought by American Family Insurance is the most outstanding, magnificent stand up comedy I have ever watch. I laugh and laugh to the point I am in tears. Hubby who is watching TV in another room come out asking me what is going on and I told him about the video. I love all the video because they talked about the good old days and what is going on in our household that anybody could relate. I do not know a stand up comedy for families is available in videos until now. I like the idea that the whole family could watch and laugh together because we enjoy the show and everyone could relate the story. What I saw on TV now days are those stands up comedy that used foul or profane words even adults cannot take it. When I saw the video, I did not expect I could relate almost all the stories the performers share to the audience. I am from the Philippines, and we have that rule that if the streetlights are on it is goodbye time or else Momma is coming with a belt!  Of course, we kids do not like that, so we have to take off in the middle of the game because Momma might be coming soon. Growing up I wonder why Momma could read our mind. One time we had this play date with bunch of our friends. We agreed to meet after lunch at the school ground. Together with my siblings, we planned to meet them after lunch. So we hurriedly ate our food by the time we are done Momma said we all have to go to sleep!  I remember too well six eyes popped out. My brother and sister told me we should sneaked out we are going to let our Momma slept then we have to crawl then off we ran leaving our Momma snoring. Can you imagine that at tender age we knew military tactics already?  Unfortunately, as the eldest I was the one left because I was caught by my Momma. My brother and sister played the whole afternoon and when the straight lights turned on they went home and they received some spanking. 
Looking back, I am happy I had the best childhood memories. Of course, there are some spanking in between some twisting of the ears when we do not listened. I do appreciate that AmFam put up this video because it does reminds me and I think to others too how important family is. We all have family and from the family we came from somehow shape us to who we are today. Definitely, I will share these videos to friends and family because I know they could relate it. Moreover, this is a very good conversational topic for this coming Thanksgiving Day at dinnertime. So many stories to tell and the inspiration to share this video to my family this Thanksgiving Day is because AmFam took  extra effort to make this videos and I am thankful for that. We have to stand up for family forever!
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