No clue for this one. I am thinking of giving a price ($5.00 I hope you have paypal) to the person who can guess the right answer. And if there are more than one right answer I will use the random.org to generate who the winner is. I will disable the comment, so you can not see your comment right away. If you can not see your comment after an hour that means your answer is right and I am keeping it until Monday night November 14, 2011.  And by the way, I want the right NAME of this thing (two words). The hour before we got a winner (using random.org) I will list all the names/blog site who got the right answer and let's start the ball rolling! So start commenting friends. ^_^

                                            Linking to MACRO FRIDAY and MACRO MONDAY

Right answer:

1. PicStory
2. Ayearinmyshoes
 3. Karen Dorcas, Artist
4. Hootin Anni
5. Jama
6. Trish - Life As I See It
7. Karen - Pixel Post
8. Jan n Jer - Through My Eyes
9. Lauri - Life Accomplished 
10. PC Photo - Do You See What I See
11. Ida - Wishes Dreams and Other Things
12. Kala -
13. 4timesblessed

                                And the winner is............. #9 Lauri - Life Accomplished

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Leovi said…
That is plastic protector with air balls are used to protect packets and mailings. I tambiéntengo some photos taken with this type of plastic used for packaging.
ayearinmyshoes said…
Thanks for stopping by! Love the bubble wrap!
IMRIZ said…
looks like medicine packets?
imriz said…
i came back to check...so i got it wrong? wahhhh, ang hirap:)
Kim, USA said…
Hahaha at natawa ako sa iyo Imz, oo ang layo kaya nang answer mo hehe! ^_^
LOL - what a kick! So creative... it looks like "bubble wrap" to me - a very nice macro image for sure. Thanks, kareninkenai
T... said…
great shot.....
Lauri said…
It looks like bubble wrap to me.
Jan n Jer said…
My guess is Bubble wrap
Jama said…
My guess is the same as Leovi...I cannot resist to burst those bubbles wraps if I got my hand on them!
Bubble wrap?

My link for today is: GARDEN FLOWERS
a molder for cupcakes? hahaha.. followed this blog of yours Manang Kim!!
another try, silicon gels? hahaha. wildest thought!
Ida said…
Bubble Wrap?

Very interesting photo whatever it is.
pcphotoblog said…
Bubble wrap??? Happy Macro Monday!
Saun said…
breast implants :)
4timesblessed said…
I thought it was bubble wrap
Kala said…
Looks like plastic bubble wrap to me.

Happy MM
Cildemer said…
It's bubble wrap!
What? I've won!!! Oh! thank you;o)

More seriously! Sorry for being late!
And thanks for sharing;o)

Hope you are having a fabulous week****

ps: the people opposite the "hôtel of the wolves" were waiting for the guide to explain about the architecture of the building before visiting the yard!
We were not allowed to visit inside the building,alas!

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