Made Me Cry

I saw this video from a blogger friend DeanO, he also accounted how he is bullied when he was young. I too was bullied when I was in high school but I was the kind of person who fight back, lol! I won't take it seating down, well thankfully there is no facebook or cellphone at that time so it was kind of bullying done at school end at school. When I saw this video it made me cry for I sense that Jonah is telling the truth. You can be a good actress/actor to shed tears that easy and fast without feeling hurt inside in your heart. I also could tell that he is telling the truth his lips quiver, it's when you have to control yourself from crying. Everything in his face is telling me that he is telling the truth. And from the very beginning I know why he is bullied because he is gay. And some people have a problem with it I don't know why. I have MANY GAY FRIENDS and I so love them I even love them more than my girlfriends hahahaha!! Frankly, they are good people and they are very talented.
Jonah is too young to have this kind of problem. We've been to grade school and high school and we do all know how it feels when we don't like somebody or don't want to see somebody, much so Jonah is a gay and he could easily be spotted with this bully-ers. I hope that this will stop and please leave this person alone, you bully-ers!!
Lastly, go for it Jonah you can do it and you are right you are here for a purpose. And yes you have million things to do. So keep your chain high and be proud of yourself because you are a great person!

Note: I have seen some video in response to this video. Two kids who said that Jonah Mowry is lying or what he is talking is not true because I could feel his pain looking through his eyes, facial expression, words and action.


Susan said…
This video breaks my heart. I wish I could reach out and give this dear soul a hug. No one deserves to feel this way. I can only hope that he finds inner peace soon and the knowledge that there are people out there who care!
I agree - his eyes and facial expressions say it all.

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