Nostalgic Marveling

This is our house before it was renovated last 2000. I have a vivid recollection when this photo was taken. Mother is the one upstairs behind the window. My brother and sister with me. And downstairs are the people who rented the space. I was in high school at this time because I remember I love this shirt so much. And look at my jeans high waist hahaha.

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Hazel said…
Quite a capture with your mom by the window. I tend to laugh too at those styles we wore so many years ago.

Visiting from Nostalgia.
chubskulit said…
High waist nga ate hehehe.... Sino kumuha ng pic ate? Sayang sana nasama ang face ni Mommy.
KM said…
very nostalgic nga! at ang high-waist, classic na classic :D

thanks for visiting my nostalgia entry :)

see you around!
Dhemz said…
hehhee,....uso jud sa una ang high waist teKim no? kadako man kau sa inyong mansion diay...sowe na late ug visit.

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