You Remember?

My kids (nieces and nephew) which I adore very much are already big. Two years that I have not visited them and here they are already in grade school. One is in 5th grade, 3rd grade and 1st grade. But do you remember when was the last time you wear a costume for a celebration in school? I can't remember mine now it's been 30++ ago!!

Do you remember when do you first went to the market? I do! I was trained by my mother to go to the market since I was in 5th grade. Now my nephew is trained too to go to the market and he is the one who tag along with me when I go to the market before. I remember he was 2 years old he likes to come with me even at an early hour in the morning. That is why he is my kuya and my only baby boy!! ^_^

                    Growing up we don't have pictures. We don't have pictures together with my two siblings hugging each other like this. So nice of this generation that digital camera and cellphone can take photos and  can be shared to relatives and friends. This photo was taken at school in recess time. Good thing they were not pictured eating binignit hahaha.

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chubskulit said…
Pagkagwapo naman ni Kuya.. Ang bilis talaga lumaki ng mga bata, ao nga minsan nalulungkot kasi malalai na mga anako ko hahahah. Thanks for joining ate.

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