In the Catholic church tomorrow is the end of the Christmas season. Today we are celebrating the Epiphany of the Lord. Right now I am watching the Baptism of 16 infants as the Pope celebrated the Holy Eucharist. I remember when my mom showed me the photos when I was baptize. I was baptize on May 15, 1966. I have only one god-mother and nine god-father. 
This morning, as I was watching the Pope baptizing the 16 infants in Sistine chapel my mind is remembering all my god-children. Since early 90's I already became a young god-mother. I think my first god-child is already married now, unfortunately I have no communication of the parents (a friend) since they live far away from my home town. But though I have not seen them all the time they are always in my thoughts and prayers for that is one of the role as a god-mother to a child, to keep them in our prayers.
What about you do you have a picture of your baptism? How many god-children you have? 


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