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Kala said…
Love the atmosphere of the first shot.
That bit of fluff is perfect! It would bring a smile to my face everyday.
I hope to see you next weekend at The Saturday PhotoHunt.
... and bring something 'Flat'!
Sue said…
Both great pics for the themes :) Love the fluffy sun flower :)
Maves Faves said…
New from hop, thanks for stopping by.
MamaTink said…
I am following from Blog Hop Till You Drop. Come visit.
Raine said…
I was grinning at the Mr. Sunflower man. :D That was a fun fluffy interpretation. :D The moon shot was good. I can't get a good picture of the moon whenever I try to take a pix. :D Here's mine.
Annie said…
I really love your moon shot, very cool looking!
Jama said…
Love that first shot!
Ann said…
Is that the moon? I was wondering is there is a special photography technique when Kay has a similar photo.
R1 said…
i certainly adore the moon in your first shot! Very creative of you manang kim! Excellent!

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