Put it Up.

I have been bugging hubby about our ceiling lights. Three ceiling lights are not working.  I wanted him to change it before fall but he is very lazy to do it. Yesterday we were at the store and I remember we need a new flush mount ceiling lights . I went to the aisle where the lighting fixtures were displayed. I pick the one that I like and immediately put it in the cart. Hubby was smiling and tickled that he thought I am very determined this time to put the ceiling lights. When we get home, he put the three ceiling lights right away and now I have a good look at the beautiful things inside our house. Before it was a bit, dark and I do not like that.  I think it is because our eyes get strain easy. 


Saun said…
Thanks for following my other blog tickle berry moon. Not sure what I'm going to do on it. A little writing and photos something a little different then my other blog. So keep checking back I should be up and running full speed in a couple of weeks....Saun
Good for you sticking to your guns and having Hubby put those lights up for you.

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