clipix is a free awesome, new and useful tool that is changing the way we organize our lives online. It solves the problem we all have of seeing tons of things online each day and never having a good way to save and organize them. By using clipix, I keep everything I could find online save it and come back later.
One factor that I like to organize here in clipix is my family. Most of my relatives are in Facebook and Twitter I could easily share these post to them. I can also invite them to look at my blog or video online or email them my CLIPIX. My family life is not that chaotic I have some sites that I can consider part of my life like the home remedy website. One time my BIL had a tremendous stomach pain. I immediately look at the home remedy website but it takes me more then 10 minutes locating it. If at that time, I had CLIPIX it is just one click and I am in the website. Thankfully, what I found in the home remedy website I share it to my BIL and he was relieved of the pain but in the morning him and my hubby went to the doctor. 
That is why I am amaze of CLIPIX it is the newest site that I find helpful. I am even thinking of looking at websites that are family friendly, family vacation packages or family shows. To all my friends out there try CLIPIX you are going to love it. If your bookmark tab has a long list of websites now, it is, time to put it in  clipix and do the CLIPIX-ING in your own time. Here is the video I would like you to see and do not forget to give me one or two lines that you try it and you like it much! 
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