Friday Fences

                                               Where does the days go it's Friday Fences again.

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Donna said…
Great lighting. Love this shot.
Very nice shot.

Regards and best wishes
Beth said…
hi there kim, great shot. hope you are good this week. that is a keeper. love the sunrise. (:
Jan n Jer said…
Nice shot...I like this kind of fencing!
Bridget Larsen said…
I do Friday Fences and Wednesday desk and believe the week goes extra quick.

arrgghg you have that new 2 word verification that is hardly readable, why do they do this to us!!
Bridget #42
Faye said…
Don't know what photo editing program you're using, Kim, but I'm really appreciating the results you achieve--so soft focused. Even better--if this is what you get straight from the camera lens--wow! just wow!
Reader Wil said…
There ia a beautiful soft atmosphere in your photo, Kim! Have a great weekend.
Ann said…
when you go to Windsor, will you go to the university and take some photos for me?
Pat said…
Beautiful sky, sea, land, and fence shot! I really like the soft coloring.

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