My Niece Birthday

Last February 20 my niece turn 10. Yes she is getting there lol! I have not seen them for 2 years and basing on the photos my brother showed me over FB she is getting big and so her brother and sister. I am so happy that she is already 10 years old. I am amazed of how beautiful the cake is. It's very colorful too. And by the way she has lechon or roasted pig lol! According to my brother the office mates of her mamay and papay are going there for lunch and in the afternoon all the kids on the block is going to celebrate with her too. Here are some of the photos.

It is also our customed that when it is our birthday we are going to attend mass or if we can't we are going to a shrine and light a candle. That is what my nieces and nephew are doing here. As they lighted the candle they also offer a prayer for their sister who is celebrating her birthday that day.

           What about you guys and gals do you have a custom on how to celebrate your birthday?


SweetMarie said…
These are lovely pics of your niece and family. Thanks for sharing with us. And thanks a bunch for stopping by to see my first barn pic. :)
Hope you are having a terrific weeke!

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