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                                          Last Saturday at River Walk here in San Antonio hubby and I went to watch
                                                                               Tornado Alley    

                                      Memorial to the Alamo Defenders an IMAGE that everyone should see.
It was pouring rain when hubby and I went to Alamo. I didn't think of the rain but concern of my camera though but I have a mission to accomplish to find the name Daniel Cloud Tanya husbands ancestors fought here.
And then I found the name DANIEL WILLIAM CLOUD....wohooo I found it. For Tanya, here is what I promised, the name of your hubby's ancestor.

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Tanya said…
that is so cool kim, thank you!! do you mind if i copy the photo to put on my genealogy blog? how sweet of you to do this!!
Kim, USA said…
Go ahead I am very happy to be of help. ^_^
INSPIRATIONAL! (A good I word...)
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
ICONIC (another good I word). Have a great week.
Carver said…
Great post and word for I day. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team
Annie said…
I like your take on the theme. Nice photos!
Joy said…
Impressive monument, nice to have a link to your friend ancestor.
zongrik said…
i love IMAX

as for the monument, it's so emotional to see a name you know on a monument

if i could have just one wish
chubskulit said…
Great captures ate!

I is for Ice, please come before it melts.
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team
terima kasih gambar artikel yang menarik dan bagus, terima kasih saya minta ijin mendonloadnya
kunjungi saya penyuluh perikanan
Very nice shots and great entry for I day!

Happy day****

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