Fish or Bear

                    Now I do believe everything is big or huge in Texas. We've traveling for hours and hours from yesterday and today and just this afternoon we reach here in Arkansas. Texas is huge I'd tell yah! ^_^ Anyhow, when we stopped at one of the rest stop somewhere in Arkansas I bought two key chain for souvenirs. I took close up shots and here it is.

                                                        Linking to MACRO MONDAY


Molly said…
Happy travels!

Adorable shots ~ enjoy your travels ~ take lots of photos! ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^
Dianne said…
they're both lovely treasures
have a great trip
Carletta said…
Both great macros!
Love a teddy bear!!!
Cathy H. said…
These are really cute key chains. I especially love them since I'm from Arkansas! I hope you enjoy your travels through our state. Roads are pretty rough, but the scenery is pretty! I left a comment on another of your blogs and then found this one. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment about my macro Monday shot! I think it's neat that you were able to find things to post as you travel!
Lovely macro shots.

Regards and best wishes
katherine said…
gorgeous lovely macro shots.
Carol said…
Hello Kim!!! That teddy bear one is fantastic!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a kind word :0)
Jama said…
They are so cute!

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