Friday Fences

                                These houses are huge! It's facing Lake Huron, the Blue Bridge and Canada. It is situated above the road and for me it's very pretty! I so love to live there ( I am dreaming). Sad to say I forgot the name of this subdivision but for sure there is Thomas Edison mark on the subdivision gate. But I noticed the houses that are facing the Lake do not have fences except this one house. If I own a house there I surely do put a fence for security reason. ^_^ What about you? Do you like to put a fence too?

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Bridget Larsen said…
This is absolutely glorious,I must save it to show hubby when he comes home today, he used to live in Michigan
Bridget #3
Jan n Jer said…
Yep...If I were rich n lived in a really big home/estate...I would put up a security fence!
Beth said…
hey, Kim. i would definitely put up a fence. something different & decorative. i love wrought iron fencing. they have such a flair. (:
Kathy said…
Very pretty, although the houses are soooo close together!
Rose said…
I like is holding in the yard.
Marie said…
Nice secure fence, with no hindrance to the view!
Ebie said…
Those houses are gorgeous! And an addition is the proximity to the lake. I definitely would add fence for security reason, but just odd, only one house has fence.
I would definitely put up a fence if I lived there. The houses are beautiful.
Carletta said…
You would especially want a fence if you had small children but I can see wanting to have the view without any obstructions as well.
You captured a beautiful place!
Linda said…
Beautiful estates, beautiful fence! I would say definitely a fence, just to keep children in and unwanted wanderers out! Nice shot.
Southwest Arkie said…
The iron fence is gorgeous, but I could never live in a neighborhood where the houses are on top of each other. Pretty place though.
Kim, USA said…
Hi Kathy I agree with you the houses maybe huge but the neighbor is too close. I don't like looking at my neighbors back wall, lol!!
C said…
I would put up a fence if I had my dogs there. Otherwise I wouldn't. And these buildings are just gorgeous. I've seen the canadian part of Lake Huron shore and I think it would be a sheer pleasure to live somewhere around :).
Beautiful photos.

Regards and best wishes
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