Friday Fences

This fence is just across the house of my BIL. The trees in San Antonio or the whole state of Texas are like this. I have not seen huge trees like our oak trees here in Michigan. Is it because of the kind of soil Texas has? In this subdivision some houses has fence some don't but every house has trees like this some are many some has a lot depending how huge is your property. ^_^

At Holiday Express Inn at Little Rock, Arkansas. They had an indoor swimming pool and it is well fenced for the safety of all. ^_^

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Beth said…
what great trees... surrounding the fence. great shots! hope you had a chance to relax on your trip. (:
Tanya said…
oh that is pretty! sounds like such a fun trip!
Anonymous said…
They say everything is bigger in Texas! =)
Joe Todd said…
Love the tree and fence shot
Faye said…
The Holiday Inn fence may be to keep the kids out so parents can de-compress after a long roadtrip with them? :-) Unfortunately we don't have a lot of these old character trees. They are a treasure if you do.
Love your shots,as I said before you are really great .Joann
Beautiful photos.

Regards and best wishes
Love the picture of the fence and trees. I would certainly use the pool after a long days drive.
Jan n Jer said…
Love those old trees.

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