Been Here?

I was very excited when we crossed this bridge. I saw these sign and below is a river. Now I forgot what river was that, anyone? My guess is Mississippi river but the state that is bordering the river is Illinois and Missouri pretty cool huh? If I was wrong here please correct me ^_^

 My eyes was glued to the second sign, guess what? Of course, the GIGANTIC American Flea Market Sign. I would definitely love to visit this place anytime! ^_^

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Lesley said…
The green state line sign goes nicely with the green paint on the bridge!
EG CameraGirl said…
It's always fun to cross into another state or province or country for the firt time... at least for me. :))
Luna Miranda said…
interesting signs along the way. so the stateline is in the middle of the bridge/river?

Rita said…
You are not wrong. The Mississippi is the river between Missouri and Illinois. And, yes the state line does run down the middle of the river.

I would also like to visit that flea market.
Carola said…
Yes, right. I've been there too.
Dianne said…
the bridge shot is wonderful!
you captured it pefectly
Halcyon said…
The Mississippi river is the border for many states.
If you get back to flea market, you'll have to take some photos!

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