Air Supply

These morning me and my brother were driving around the city. It so happened that one of the tire has lacking of air so brother went to this shack and for 5.00 pesos we had an air supply! ^_^

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Lesley said…
I like how they stuck an exclamation mark after the 'air supply'!
Halcyon said…
Sounds like a good deal to me!
Pat said…
Funny! That used to be a name of a band from the 80's?
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
I was thinking of the band also. I love the Air Supply! sign.
somehow these places are fascinating, like a jungle of cables and iron pieces, with that specific gasoline smell ;)). or at least this is how they are around here ;))
Leovi said…
In Spain you can do for free at any gas station.
Luna Miranda said…
it's actually free, Kim, at the gas station.:p
well, 5 pesos is peanuts.:p
A million years ago when I was young, air was free ;>)
Ann said…
having to pay for air? LOL. in MZ, you still get free air.

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