Barn Charm

                                          Blogging from Philippines here is my Barn Charm for this week.

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Mari said…
Wow - that was a big one! Doesn't look like it'll stand for long.
Genie said…
Oh, dear me, Kim...This poor baby seems to have the wobblies. It is a miracle it is still standing. It was impressive in its day. I can tell from the size that somebody real used it. We have so many like this in our country and others like Tricia’s. So sad. Thanks for sharing this one. genie
Looks like this one has solar heat!! Thanks for stopping by Sall's Country Life all the way from the Phillipines?
I peeked through your blog and I can relate to having nieces and nephews grow up so fast! Mine are all starting families of their own now, Unbelievable to me!! I refuse to get older, but they are catching up to me:) Have a great week!!
Carletta said…
Is it going up or coming down? :)
It has seen better days for sure.
I wouldn't want to walk into this one.

Hope you're having fun in the Phillipines!
Tanya said…
looks very airy!!
Jan n Jer said…
Good one...poor sad to see!
OH MY GOSH, just skeletal remains, my goodness! Keep an eye on that place & let us know if it collapses.

Thanks for joining =)
Debbie said…
not long for this sure doesn't lack anything in size!!
I bet it was a beauty in it's day. Looks like it won't be standing for long.

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