Growing Up

For two years that I have not visited Philippines my nieces and nephew grew big and fast. I wonder where the time goes it's like yesterday that I carry them and hold them now they can do on their own. Life is so fast I want to spend a lot of quality time with them because someday they will have a life of there own and it is about time for us to let them go. That time would be painful but still they will remain as my babies forever!


rainforest said…
beautiful photo. looks like they're having fun!

the next time you see them they'll be grown ups. and all we can do is watch them. how time flies.
Kim, USA said…
Hi Rainforest, you said it right! It sometimes scared me they will be soon look for there life and we let them heart ache thinking about it. I told them all the time they always be my babies, forever! ^_^

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