Nieces and Nephew

This vacation was a surprised for my nieces and nephew. I told my brother not to tell them because I wanted to surprised them. Indeed, they were shocked and very surprised! I was at the airport door my brother saw me immediately. He called the kids and pointed at me...he asked them who is that person nephew and nieces just looked at me and they never identify me right away. It takes them minutes until my other niece blurted's Mama Kim!!! And they all screamed for joy and ran towards me. Of course, they cannot cross beyond the gate so I handed them my laptop and camera bag and went again inside to get my two luggage's. It was fun looking at there faces very surprised. But I was also surprised because they are all grown up my nephew is as tall as I am. How time flies so quick for two years I have not see  them and now they are big and grown up. Love them!


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