Green Tea

I just came from a month long vacation in the Philippines and I had a blast. Bonding with my nieces and nephew and siblings is fun. Meeting old friends from school is also fun I enjoy every moment of it. What was my problem is that I get sick so easily. Thankfully, I have no cough but cold, I am swelling, and bloating me hardly could not fit my shoes. I wonder why it does happen to me all the time my sister in law has a theory it might be a water retention problem. I do not know about it but every time I visit my native country, I always have that problem.
Anyhow, I started drinking green tea when I was there. However, it is too hot there and I only wanted to drink pop and water my sister in law, insisted green tea is the best and I did. Now I am drinking green tea as often as possible. I know it has antioxidants and anything that helps the body I would take it because I believe health is wealth.


Ann said… I can't find Mr Linky to your new water meme.

I drink green tea alot.

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