Vampire Hunter

     I love to read. The first month of the year, I told myself at least read one book per month. I did it the first few months but after that, I have not read any book as of this writing. I remember when I was in grade school I love to read the book my classmate use to bring at school. The book of fairy tales is what my classmate use to bring at school and I would not go out from the classroom on recess time because I had to read the book first and finish it right away.

     Now here in the US it is different I can go to the library and borrow any kind of book I want. On the other hand, go to thrift store buy a book for just a penny or a dollar. Every where I have an access with books but I do not give time for myself to give reading a chance again but here is what I have discovered just recently. I was browsing the internet and found this website about Book reviews & views since before I borrow a book in the library I like to read the review and the excerpt of the story. I got curious when I read the review of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review . Who would not get curious since Abraham Lincoln’s name is famous it is the President of America! I read the review and it get me carried away I wanted to read the book immediately. The book is fiction and the genre is horror. What I like the most and just by what I read in the review it sound like the plot of the story is mysterious and had a lot of suspense at the same time you would think about those era when Abe was growing up that he had some experience of this kind. Now I cannot wait to read it I would check it out if it were already available somewhere. Check it out friends it is worth a try to read and get spook!


joy said…
Me too love reading books, but now since i discover d blogworld ay naiba na. I read life stories na lang na mga co bloggers. But i do read a book, God's living Word and books about crafts. Enjoy your reading:)
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