Barn and the Blue Sky

     Though this barn is abandoned and ready to fall down the owner still maintain the surrounding pretty neat!


These photo was taken in my hometown in the Philippines. We always see this scenario every where and I felt bad for them.

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SmilingSally said…
Thanks for sharing your blues today.

Happy Blue Monday, Kim.
Pie said…
Great shots Kim.

My Blue.
Leah H. said…
Amazing and pretty neat!

Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by.
LV said…
I love barn scenes even through they make me sad seeing one in this condition. So much unrest all over the world.
joanne said…
Is there a lot of poverty in the Phillipines? Both the barn and its manicured environs, and the people just hanging around (?homeless?) made me a bit sad...nice captures
emzkie said…
beautiful photos Kim! the first one is so relaxing, i love this scene in the country so peaceful. and the second one is what you call Life. sad but that is life, we need to feed ourselves in order to survive. i always remind hubby and kids not to waste food because there so many hungry people out there.. but u know.. americans are so spoiled. it make me feel so sad that some people have no idea how lucky they are.

from Blue Monday
Carmel Cole said…
very sad indeed. there are barns here in our place that are like that too. Hope you can stop by at my blue monday:
Beth said…
oh, wow ... that is so moving. i see that often. similar situations break my heart so. i would love to see it repaired. such a view. (:
Kathy said…
She's beginning to look pretty sad. Someday you'll be really glad you got this picture when you did!
January said…
nice photo Ate Kim.. :)

Dropping by from Blue Monday…Magic English , Trike Ride and Blue Cupcake Thanks!
Mari said…
There is something special about barns like this one. Nice find!
Linda said…
Still standing tall after all it has been through....great image.
TexWisGirl said…
the barn is still beautiful in its skeletal form.
Beth said…
She still has some majesty to her---I'm sure she was a beauty in her prime years! Beautiful setting.

Second picture certainly fits a blue Monday. Tough to see.
heyBJK said…
Great old barn, but it's not often you see a barn in that condition on such well kept property. Nice find!
moe lauher said…
Two very nice photos, I especially like the way the trees frame the barn in the first one
Rose said…
Love the clouds in that first shot...the poor barn needs a lot of TLC but I like it anyway.
Tanya said…
that barn is still beautiful!
The remains of this barn make a great photo, especially with the well-manicured landscape.
chubskulit said…
Sad reality. I love the barn kahit luma na.
Robyn said…
I am surprised the barn is still standing. Looks like a strong wind would do it in.
Not often that you see a nicely kept place with a sad barn like that.
Jim said…
I like old barns, Kim. This one looks special.

Yes, it is too bad that some people don't have much to do. Or perhaps it they don't have much to do it with.
Jim said…
Forgot to mention that I don't like word verification either. But I had to resort to it because a robot spammer is hitting my blog five to eight times a day with vulgar, disgusting advertisements and code words, etc. Comment moderation did not stop them from reaching my eyes but the word verification stops them in their tracks. Sorry.
Anonymous said…
The grounds really are well taken care of, but that poor barn has seen better days, hasn't it! LoL!

Thank you =)
Anonymous said…
Unusual to see blue sky through the barn like that. I'm sure it has served its purpose well.
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