A Bully Teacher meets my SIL

     I was chatting my brother the other day and told me that one of my niece went to the office of my SIL crying and do not want to go back to school. My SIL asked her what happened and she told my  SIL that she got a low score in math test and her teacher got mad, terribly mad she is afraid to go back to school. This made my SIL's horn grow long and brought smoke in her ears. Since the office of my SIL is just across the school she and my niece went back to school. My SIL talked immediately to the teacher asking her why she is doing that to her pupils. She found out that the this teacher had already punished some pupils by slamming there head on the desk. It just made my SIL's fury worsen she lambasted the teacher like crazy!!
I know how my SIL gets mad especially when my nieces and nephew are being bullied. She never hesitate to apprehend or talk to you anywhere or everywhere you want to. Because of her fury she told the teacher that if it will happened again she and the teacher will see each other again in the police office. Right now my brother told me that the teacher's way of conducting her class had change. I told him better be or else I would really file a complaint.
     In school, we find different kind of bullies. It is not just fellow classmates or schoolmates but some are also teachers. Teachers who they think they have the authority to do what they want to do inside there classroom. My mother is an elementary teacher for 36 years until she died I could tell her pupils way back in the beginning of her teaching career she is loved! In her funeral I heard and found out how my mother is an excellent teacher by just hearing her former pupils who are not adults and have there family of there own.
    One time my mother told us the salary of the teacher does not suffice the need of a family (specially at those time in the Philippines when the teachers salary is the lowest in the country). What she told us that she feels successful and happy and contented when she sees her pupils knows how to read and write. She feels happy when she heard them they are successful in life and that they are thankful of her for everything.
     For me teachers are the second parents to us. We spend tremendous hours every day in our life to be with them. They can influence us one way or another. Having a bully teacher is not right it has to be cut off right away good thing my SIL is brave enough to attack (lol) and reprimand this teacher. Right now she is always observed by other parents because many of the pupils complained about how she handles the class. I hope that the change they see on her will last.


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