Friday Fences

Many of my photos these week is all about our visit to the Lavender Festival. We went there last Friday and good thing it was not too busy yet. Just when we get out from the car we smell the fresh aroma of lavender it smells heavenly. But soon hubby smells the horse manure too hahahaha.! What you expect of a farm, right? ^_^

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Rose said…
I would enjoy that place I think, if this photo is anything to go by.
Beth said…
i wonder what is for sale???? (:
Jan n Jer said…
I love lavender...sounds like a nice festival
Lavender is my favorite scent. Horse manure not so much. I would love to visit there though.
Tanya said…
i would love to go to that festival!
Elaine said…
Mmmn, I can smell that lavender from here.
Marie said…
A lavender festival! Heaven...absolutely heaven! :-) Love the fence too!
That smells (and looks like a lovey place to be !
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I've been wanting to go to a lavender farm. I know you had a wonderful, and aromatic visit.
Mama Zen said…
What a lovely shot!

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