Friday Fences

Last Saturday hubby and I visited St. Bonaventure Monastery in Detroit. In the courtyard we see tall fence painted in black. It is beautiful inside the courtyard it is quite and I feel relax. ^_^

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Jan n Jer said…
So neat n tidy...very peaceful setting
Rose said…
It looks so well it is meant to last a lifetime and more.
Carletta said…
Beautful massive fence and the scene is so serene! I'm sure it's meant to be and it is indeed lovely.
I am calling by from Friday Fences what an imposing fence.
Kathy said…
Is that a cemetery I see beyond the fence? I love walking around in these places. They are so quiet and peaceful, a perfect place for a final rest.
Ramona said…
Wow, it's very impressive, but peaceful.

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