Crazy for Bargains

     I am always Crazy for Bargains. I am a bargain diva and I do shop when bargains are flying everywhere. In this time when economy is, bad shopping for bargains is necessary. It also takes a lot of skill to do bargain hunting. Number one before you go to the store you should know what you are looking for. Second, you should know what color and what sizes you are looking for because by that you will not be blind sides with other stuff.  Then if you are finish shopping with your intended stuff then it is about time to go look around. 
Nobody could deny that fall is coming fast. In many of the stores, I went to summer stuff, are on bargains and then those fall jacket and sweaters are out already. However, this afternoon I know what I was looking for. I do look stuff that my nieces and nephew need for their school and their dresses.  Crazy for Bargains boys pajamas is what I am looking at all times. CrazyforBargains footie pajamas are stuff that I want to give to my nieces. Anything that I can save money I would go there and I would not let it pass not looking at them. A friend of me told me that she loves to come with me when shopping because when we are done with our shopping she could not believe how many dresses we have. She could not believe the money that she budgeted for her son and daughters dresses for the opening of class is more than enough. To top it all what we got are all pretty ones she is sure her kids would love it. Now she calls me a bargain diva because I know how to find great bargains on line or in store.


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