Friday Fences

                                    I took this photo inside the courtyard of the Monastery.

               If you noticed the floor has some kind of names written on it. It's the name of the benefactors.

                                                         Linking to FRIDAY FENCES


Beth said…
i luv a brick wall. so decorative. great touch. (:
Carletta said…
Well landscaped and well maintained as I would expect!
A nice shot Kim!
Marie said…
Looks like a peaceful place to sit and read or think or talk.
Tanya said…
what a pretty spot!
Jan n Jer said…
Very nice courtyard!
Dianna said…
Beautiful area. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment for me today!
Lesley said…
the simplicity of this makes me think it very suitable for a monastery.

(p.s. I like your no word verification button, too!)
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