My Girl Dress

     I have two nieces ages nine and ten years old. The last time I saw them two years ago they were very tiny. Last May this year, I went to visit my family in the Philippines and saw my nieces I was surprised they are big and looks like they are going to be teenagers soon. I so love my nieces and nephew everything they need I like to give in which my brother do not like the idea they become spoiled.     However, who else do me like to spoil but to my own nieces and nephew.
     The other day we were chatting over the internet and they ask me to send beautiful dresses for them. I know when they are a bit small they do not like to dress they feel it is itchy but now the moment had change they become aware that dressing up is nice. To add it up they are going to a cousins wedding and both of them are flower girls. I was excited for me them I immediately look at the internet for cute and classy dress. My Girl Dress website you can find very beautiful dress in all sizes, fabric and color.  If you are also on a budget, there are dresses that you can choose on which for the price bracket that you want to spend and they are all beautiful! Then as I was browsing the website I found out that, they have a page for My Girl Dress bridal dresses, which you see some dresses or attire for boys too. I am overwhelmed of what to get because they are all so pretty. I ended up telling them to check out the website and let them choose what they want and it was not hard for them to do it they know exactly what they want. I think us only adults are very hard to choose and decide what we want. For kids it was easy for them to do it and you cannot change it. That is why I like to hang out with them because they are very focus and innocent so as there dress it is pretty and they will shine for sure. 


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