Party Supplies

     After my niece birthday last month a thought came to my mind. I thought of buying party products before the big day came. The first reason is that I forgot many things. In addition, with the gas price now we could not drive around every time we forgot something. The second is that I could plan the theme and being ready for the big day. Next year my nieces are going to have a birthday party in February. Then in March is my nephew’s graduation party. I would definitely need lots and lot of party products for that. I like to make his graduation party a blast and will be the talk by all! ^_^ He is my one and only nephew and we love him to death he is a very good nephew. His birthday will be next June and he already told me he likes Avengers superhero as the theme of his party. As a good Aunt, I look the internet and found Avengers birthday party supplies. Everything that I need is in there and right now, I am looking for girl’s party supplies. Love my nieces and nephew they are my love for life and showering them with great and colorful parties made me happy. The smiles and the laughter that I heard from them made my heart melt. 
     I told you last month was my niece birthday. I ask her what she likes in her birthday. She told me she likes a huge cake and spaghetti a simple dream from a simple birthday girl. She did not know that my brother and I are already talking about giving her a roasted pig and more food and activities for her visitors. When she saw the table full of food with her huge and colorful birthday cake she could not believe she almost cried. I so love her I wish I were there at that time I would hug her for sure she would cry. That is why next year I will prepare their birthday parties and make it memorable to them.


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