I  remember our trip at a Lavender Farm it was fun and new to me and hubby. When we get to the farm the sweet smell greeted us. We directly went to the pavilion and passing rows and rows of lavender. Bees are all over but they didn't care for us they are busy sipping the nectar from the lavender. See the menu it made me smile because I see lavender lemon ice cream. It's the most delicious ice cream I ever had. If you are lucky enough you can get the blossom in your ice cream, awesome right?

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Lindy MacDuff said…
The menu items all sound interesting and tasty!

Anonymous said…
I love lavender farms. The air smells so good.
Inside Cambodia said…
I would love to go there and have some of that lavender ice cream!
Praveen said…
Nice & very good i like it.
Genie said…
I have never heard of lavender ice-cream but it sounds heavenly. I bet you had a wonderful visit. Love all the sighs. genie

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