Summer is almost over here in Michigan our evening is cold already and our early morning is comfortable. Many of us love summer because it is the time for family and friends to get out and do our outdoor activities. What I like when summer time is to hang out by the lake riding a pontoon boat with friends and eating and merry making is fun. This summer we had fun watching fireworks right in the middle of the lake what fun it is to be with friends and just lay there taking time and enjoying the moment. However, one thing that I have not done in summer is tubing. My husbands family always travel up north to do there special outdoor activity which is tubing. My husband and I do not know how to swim so any activities that pertain with water and I will be in the middle of a body of water I get panicky. However, of all the water adventure tubing is where my eyes are focus. That is why one time when my family is talking about there experienced up north I asked many questions. One question that I asked is if they have vest when they do the tubing and if somebody is watching us in case somebody will fall to the water. It is very different when I am in the pontoon boat and enjoying the ride. So I decided that next year I will do this activity I know hubby would have a second thought about it because he know I do not know to swim haha. Today while I was browsing about tubing, I saw this website http://www.parafunalia.com/tubes-and-towables.html it got me curious and immediately I look at it. Therefore, I found Parafunalia.com which I found it very helpful about where to buy tubes for tubing and water trampolines. Just by looking at the pictures it made me excited and wishing summer is not over.


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