Grand Hotel

                            At Mackinac Island where Grand Hotel is located. Taken May 2005.

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Anonymous said…
And oh what a grand Hotel it is!
I'm loving these great photo's...wish I was there right now.
This white picket fence is gorgeous with the beautiful flowers and a great place to take a rest on the benches.
SweetMarie said…
This is absolutely gorgeous photos! I would love to visit there. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers!
TexWisGirl said…
a very fancy, well-maintained fence (and place!)
Beth Edwards said…
lovely view!! the hubby & i love Mackinac island. such a beautiful place. hope to make it there again one day. Michigan was awesome!! (:
Lesley said…
Everything looks so very orderly.
Jan n Jer said… pretty...I could sit there and take it all in! Great shots
Bev said…
OOHHHH I love it!!
Martha Z said…
That is a beautiful fence!
Marie said…
That is just lovely! Especially with those tulips!
I've never been but I surely would love to. I love the pink and yellow tulips with the white fence
The Grand Hotel is grand indeed! The fence is lovely with the tulips.
Rose said…
I have been to Mackinac Island...always love going there.
Beautiful place and fence!

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