As a godmother to several beautiful girls, I have not done my shopping for them yet. I cannot figure out what to give to these tiny tots since I know their parents give what ever they want. Yesterday, I was with bunch of friends for lunch and we talk about what to give to our nieces and godchild’s. We come up with so many ideas and one thing that we were able to agree upon is about accessories for beautiful girls. Every time I see, girls, tots, and they are well dressed and wear colorful headbands I like to wear it too! I know grown ups cannot wear accessories like babies or tots but it is very nice to see them wear so colorful and pretty. A friend of mine who has twin baby girls knew what and where she could find accessories for babies and girls. She told us that she found baby bloomers, baby pettiskirtsand baby headbands online and orders it right away. She showed us the site and yes, as we were browsing the site it just made us adults giggle and chuckled because all the items are so pretty and colorful. A thought then came to me what to give to my godchildren it would be the items that I saw. 
     This morning I told hubby about it and showed some pictures he too like it. As I was browsing the site a message pop out and it was my niece in the Philippines. We chatted for a while and told me that exam are done both of my nieces are in grade school and guess what they like for Christmas? It is a colorful headband that she told me it should be something unique. It is hard to find girl’s headband that is something unique. However, when I remember baby headbands I told myself it would be nice for them to wear it. Those headbands are really pretty and unique I immediately give to her the site they choose what they want and I am happy I do not have to go to a store to look for something unique he he.


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