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I got my auto insurance bill today. Looking at it and reading it seems to me that I paid a high amount of fee for my thirteenth year old car! As I was analyzing it, I told hubby we should look for cheap auto insurance for our three cars. I also wonder why some auto insurance company is too expensive it is hard to keep up the payment. This morning I suggested to my husband that we only have to get insurance for our two cars since the other car of mine is broke and is just setting next to the barn. I am so glad that hubby do agree with me because few months ago he did not want me not to get an insurance for my other car which is broke until now and that fumes me because since March of this year until this month I have not drive that car and still we are paying for the insurance. For me it is a waste of money if a car will not run dump it and do not get insurance for it.
Nevertheless, some auto insurance company offers great auto insurance to everyone.  Hubby is so loyal to his nephew because his nephew has an insurance company but knowing that there are some companies out there who could give us a great quote I would rather go to that company, right. A cheap auto insurance Charlotte NC area has a great offer for auto insurance. A friend of mine live there and we compare notes about auto insurances and I could not believe that she paid half of what I paid in a year here in Michigan. Now I think it is about time to look for a great auto insurance offer and hoping I could find one.  


Auto insurance is a contract that protects your financial security in case of an accident. Although it is not mandated by federal law, the purchase of auto insurance is usually a requirement in most states; every state (with the exception of New Hampshire and Wisconsin) have minimum insurance laws.
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