Apple Picking

Last weekend hubby and I and some friends went for apple picking. Compare to last year this year is fine produce wise. I see a lot of apples on the ground and it is not yet October. Anyhow, we had so much fun and we enjoy the moment.

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Jeannie Marie said…
Very lovely images of the freshest apples ever! Lucky you!
Anonymous said…
We've been picking apples too! This is the first crop we've had in about three years, so I'm very happy to get some apples.
Oh, just so lovely and sweet.
Jama said…
that's the freshest apples! I only got to pick up my apples from the supermarkets, a long way from the farm!!
You're so lucky to be able to enjoy this fun experience!
Wonderful shots.
Lea said…
Looks like fun!
Beautiful photos.
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