Thousands of Teenagers Gather to Pray at their Schools

When I heard this in an FM station I immediately look at it in the internet and there it was the thousands of teenagers gather to pray at their school. How awesome is that I keep on saying thank you for these children who start this good cause. This is good for everyone because praying for each other is a worthwhile time spending for. I just do hope our schools here in my area are doing this.
In another side of the coin, of course this  will bring to some people who pursue their cause to no God and Prayer in school go ballistic. But for me who cares children did not care what they believe and they don't push too. Instead this people who are against it are the whiners and who does not understand the value and morals of others. One thing though there might be some parents who does not like this but for me I would say go find a school who do not have prayer and no God will see what will be the outcome of your children. So for me this is awesome and hope parents encourage their kids to do the same. Remember this GOD loves children!
Here is the website that you can read and look or comment even..



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